With over 15 years of experience in both commercial and film, I have gained experiences in many different facets of the post production industry.  As a VFX Supervisor I have the responsibility to oversee various sized teams and projects. Having gathered a lot of on-set experience, I help assist and guide the directors and crew to prepare for and aid the post production process.  My background as a generalist has given me the opportunity to mentor young artists, develop fundamental tools for project management, and most importantly become a team leader. Bringing passion and dedication to every project, my intentions are to deliver the highest quality product within the resources and tools available. 


Autodesk Maya

Autodesk Mudbox

Adobe Photoshop

Solid Angle Arnold


Growing up I was always drawing, painting, building and imagining.  Choosing a career to pursue was one of the easiest choices of my life.  Computer animation was fairly new and emerging during the time I was looking at universities and colleges.  Knowing I wanted to be a part of this new technology and art, I decided to attend Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY.  NYC was a place I had wanted to be but after a year there I found myself overwhelmed by the dense city.  This would lead to my eventual transfer to SCAD where I eventually graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.  To put it best Pratt refined my foundations of fine arts while SCAD advanced my knowledge of the digital arts.  Both played a vital role in terms of my career and the person I am today.  After graduation it was time to get a job and where better to do that than Los Angeles.

I started my career at Luma Pictures.  The opportunity they gave me provided me the ablility to gain massive amounts of knowledge as a young aspiring artist.  Starting as a rotoscope artist, I eventually moved into the 3D side and took on lower level roles such as render wrangling and camera tracking.  As I progressed within Luma, I was beginning to gain a bit more experience in my true passion of lighting.  While I was still a junior lighter, I realized that the slow grind of films wasn't for me.  The growth and knowledge learned at a facility that valued organization, pipelines and quality gave me a platform to move out into the world and build my career.

My next steps included various freelance / permalance gigs in the commercial industry.  While I spent the larger portion of my freelance time at Brand New School, I found pockets of work to build my network at other places such as Motion Theory, Superfad and Stardust.  After spending a summer in NY at BNS in 2006, I met a group of friends that would eventually change the course of my career.

Psyop opened an office in Los Angeles in 2008.  I began to freelance for them as they were still getting their footing in the LA market.  Little did I know that this would be my last freelance job for the foreseeable future.  I decided to take a staff position in 2009 with my growing desire to start supervising jobs and take the next big steps forward.  

Having now spent over 10 years working at Psyop, I have learned a massive amount.  Some of those skills and traits include leadership, project management and helping to contribute to growing young talent.  I also had the ability to help apply my knowledge as we looked to advance a very basic pipeline into one that is now far more advanced.  This inspired me to teach myself how to write MEL code which has now branched into Python.  Being a supervisor doesn't hinder my desire to continue being an artist.  As a generalist I have been able to find a balance between managing projects and being a hands on contributor to the art work itself.  Psyop has also provided me with the ability to work one on one with our directors.  This experience has it's own value and has allowed me to help contribute ideas as well as collaborate to ensure their visions are achievable in an ever changing industry.